Soul Hug


Written 9 July 2018

I was your enemy where darkness lies
Conforming to this world
Letting your blessings pass me by.
Searching for something to satisfy.
I hold on, creating idols,
It does not relieve my pain,
Then I grab onto something else,
Bringing me no gain.
I repeat the pattern Spiraling down a pit
In a puddle of sin and sorrow,
There I sit.

I am at the end of me.
No sign of help do I see.
No one knows I am here.
Does anyone care?
My life I surrender, the one I cannot bear.

A presence is near.
Coming closer, yet ever so close to my soul.
But I have no fear.
Through the darkness it tears,
My iniquities it shears.
I cannot see its presence,
It gives me sustenance.
I trust what I cannot see
The higher it lifts me.
Although I am weak
For the very first time
I am able to climb.
As I leave the pit my life had dug
I am met with a soul hug.
The darkness fled
I am no longer asleep
My iniquities I shed.
To an unknown height I have been lifted
A new breath of life I have been gifted.


6 September 2018

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