I Have Life!

This is a combination of a few things I have written.  I praise God everyday that He has given me life.  Not by my might but by His blood I have been rescued and adopted as His daughter who is fearfully and wonderfully made.

In His image, God created me.
Fearfully and wonderfully made.
Placed in a broken world
Affected by corruption
From the free will of man
That started in the garden.
A chaotic life I glean;
A plan of my own, only a scheme;
Afflicted by others;
I get to the end of me;
I have been stripped of my dignity.
No sign of help do I see.
No one knows I am here.

Then in my darkest hour…
My life I surrender,
The one I cannot bear.
Jesus chiseled away the wall,
His blood flowing freely through my heart.
Giving me life!
A victim I was but now I am free.
He declared me righteous and clothed me in dignity.
He adopted me, and we cannot be separated,
He called me daughter when I didn’t feel like one.
He says I am chosen, beautiful, loved,
treasured, wanted.
He is the God who sees me.
Safe I am.
Significant I am.
A victim… no more. I am free.

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