I Stand with You

The enemies taunts gets stronger
I make them bigger than You Jesus.

I feel so far away, the barrier is thick
Then I realize I let go of You.

I know You are near in the middle of my storm,
Only I cannot see
I made it bigger than You.

I am lost in the darkness and fight my way back to You
Relying on my own strength.

Confused I don’t know what to do.
Temptations arise, is that my relief?
NO! I remember another way.

A way that is light.
A way that is peace.
A way that is hope.
A way that is love.
A way that is safe.

I grab ahold of You
You pulled me free.
You surround the darkness with a bubble
Outside of it we stand.
It cannot get to me and I cannot go back in.

I stand with You in light.
I stand with You in peace.
I stand with You in hope.
I stand with You in love
I stand safe with You.

I no longer awake to the enemies taunts,
As morning comes I awake to Your songs.

5 thoughts on “I Stand with You

  1. OMG Susan how beautiful are all your writings! Jesus has heard your pleas and you are a definite conduit to his strength, courage and what is possible for others as well through His love, mercy & belief in us all.
    Your transparancy is prescious.

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  2. I have a window. I left the curtains open a bit last night. There ia heart decorating the inside pane. (By the way, it’s my last night in solitude while my hubby awaits for a deer.)
    Maybe a year ago I had a vision of Jesus walking into my back yard, towards my (our) home. It was a beautiful experience .
    I can see Jesus still coming into our yard.
    Me thinks He is awaiting for me (us) to embrace him.

    This is my shared journey of this writers poem.

    I long to complete this life with Jesus.
    Obstacles need to be put in their place
    So the journey with Christ can ensue to its fullest.


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