Remembering: When Abba called me “My Daughter”

Written 1/1/7
“I will be found by you declares the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes….”

Jeremiah 29:14


I found you. I cried out to you asking why was I so quiet, why couldn’t I defend myself, why are my kids gone, why am I alone, why have you not restored my fortunes? You said “My daughter…” my breathe caught in my throat at that moment. You continued “I want you all to myself.” I never identified with the title daughter. My earthy father was never there, but you claimed me as your daughter. I grieve the father I never had while rejoicing the daddy I gained. You are restoring my fortunes. You are restoring everything in your order. When You found me I became this little baby. In the past few months you taught me how to crawl, you taught me how to walk, you gave me a voice , you are teaching me the art of writing, you are flooding me with images of Jesus, and you are teaching me how to Love. I am honored to have the title daughter. It is the most profound moment in my entire life; even above the moment when you first filled me with the spirit and told me you forgave me. Daddy, you cheer me on, you comfort me when I am sick, you mend my broken heart, and you discipline me when I walk the wrong way. You pull me in my wagon, you let me dance on your feet, you carry me on your shoulders, you forgive me of my sins even though I don’t deserve it.


Your daughter

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