26 August 2018…I am a grateful believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I welcome you into my journey. Before Christ rescued me, I chose to live a life of chaos. “I am lying in a pit with a pattern in my life that seems to never end. I try to stop, but no matter what constraint I place on the pattern, it continues. I cannot show my face and I have been stripped of my dignity.” I kept trying to do my will and expecting a different result. I lived by my own strength; or at least I thought I was strong, I appeared strong to people but what they didn’t know I was being held together by duct tape that had to be replaced every morning. COURAGE…It took courage to move from living the only way I knew to a life of surrender. Like the Israelite’s, when rescued from Pharaoh, at times I wanted to go back to what I knew. I didn’t like change. I accepted the bad choices and said this is all I ever will be. I would hide from my struggles by using alcohol and isolating myself. But Jesus wanted to show me there was a better way, but I had to choose. Jesus wanted to take me through my struggles, identify my feelings, and give them to Him because there was a blessing on the other side. There was growth to be had and victories to be won. If I would have stayed where I was, in the same old routine, I would have missed out on the treasures Jesus has for me. My savior, Jesus Christ, rescued me on October 12, 2016 and since then my relationship with Him has flourished through journaling. I write in few different forms, mostly letters addressed to Abba and recently, I have been writing poetry (they may not always rhyme, LOL). Most of my life I was very shy, I was fearful of people. I wouldn’t speak. So, the first jewel that Jesus gave me was a voice. Shortly after I was saved I visited my aunt. She told me I spoke more in that moment than I had in my entire life. He has given me a new thing in my writing. This gift was not given to me to hold onto. It was given to me to share with you. As you read my story I will reveal to you more jewels Jesus has given me.

Thanks for joining me!